2016 acura rlx review

2016 Acura RLX: Premium Sedan With Adorable Performance

2016 Acura RLX present as cars with a capacity of 5 passengers with a form-class sedan. This car is offered as a mid-size car that comes with several advantages that many preferred by many groups including smooth engine, the new security features are quite interesting, and has a leading gas mileage in its class. While some things are not preferred, among others, the designs were deemed much less characterized, comes […]

2016 acura tl changes

Great 2016 Acura TL Performance Will Captivate Your Heart

2016 Acura TL is one cool car that will make anyone not flinch at the sight. In addition, the car comes as a vehicle that has a comfortable room with a design that has undergone several changes in order to get a better view – as well as several other features that make the car has a higher functionality. There are some changes that we can get the latest Acura […]

2016 ford explorer news

2016 Ford Explorer: Get More Adventures With Explorer

2016 Ford Explorer is the latest series of the Ford Explorer that offers greater strength when compared to the previous generation, including all-wheel drive option and the use of various high-tech features that will not make anyone disappointed when deciding to get it. Greater strength is meant is the use of 4-cylinder turbocharged EcoBoost engine with more capacity. This can be seen from the changes proposed in which the latest […]

2016 ford raptor confirmed

2016 Ford Raptor: Powerful Car With Impressive Appearance

2016 Ford Raptor is the latest generation of Raptor which comes with an impressive display and is evidence of how Ford has been keeping its commitment to deliver a car with outstanding performance. To the platform, we will get that latest Raptor comes with using higher strength steel frame of the previous generation and some body parts that use aluminum. By using a mixture of both materials, then we will […]

2016 ford ranger canada

2016 Ford Ranger: Small Pickup With Great Performance

2016 Ford Ranger is one of the cars with a truck design that will make us get a lot of satisfaction while driving. For the latest Ranger, there are some changes that we will get compared to the previous generation. Ranger himself is one of the products output of Ford cars that are popular in many countries because of the performance and captivating design.     For 2016 Ford Ranger, […]

2016 ford f-150 mpg

2016 Ford F-150, Truck That Will Make You Stunned

2016 Ford F-150 comes with a new style that would make anyone certainly stunned. Truck design with the new platform makes the F-150 offered the latest to be one of the targeted car by many as though comes with the shape and dimensions large enough, but thanks to the use of aluminum and steel in large portions of the body and the body structure makes it comes with heavy lighter […]

2016 ford fusion review

2016 Ford Fusion: A Car With Some Cool Features, 2016 Ford Fusion

2016 Ford Fusion is the latest generation of the Ford Fusion which is present in the design of mid-size sedan a more fresh and charming. Some of the changes can be found in cars, among other modifications at the front end, redesigned control panel, new steering wheel, to upgrade to the infotainment system owned. The use of a variety of materials with better quality can we get the latest Fusion […]

2016 ford fiesta facelift

2016 Ford Fiesta: Get Sub-Compact Car With 2016 Ford Fiesta

2016 Ford Fiesta is a sub-compact car with a design that is available in sedan and hatchback that can be selected according to individual taste. We will find that the car underwent many modifications, but the basic outline of the car remains similar, including for the front fascia despite the redesign, but will be shown with a trapezoid-shaped grille with headlights that are not much different from previous generations. As […]